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The Coming Battle – Kindle edition by M. W. WALBERT. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . The Coming Battle: A Complete History of the National Banking Money Power in the United States (Classic Reprint) Apr 23, by Martin Wetzel Walbert. M. W. Walbert (Author), Paul Walter and Lorraine Walter (Foreword By). Published by W.B. Conkey Company, ISBN / ISBN

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This would tend to alien ownership of this bank, non-contribution to the- burdens of Government creating this valuable privilege, and ww continued drainage of specie to foreign nations.

Upon the conclusion of that most righteous conflict, n more perfect union was formed to establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of wallbert for themselves and posterity by the adoption of the Federal constitution.

From the days of the Pharaohs down to this period, man, from his instinctive veneration for a Supreme Being, has been so peculiarly susceptible to the arts, wiles, and cunning of priest-craft to such a degree as to excite universal surprise.

The most important section of the Resumption Act is q follows: The same power depreciated the value of greenbacks for the avowed purpose of increasing the premium on gold.

It walbeert the bankers and bond holders a privileged class, and it inflicted a wound upon the nation from which it has not qalbert recovered. We quote from a portion of the law as follows: The United States Government gave the wealthiest men of the country, in the time of its greatest peril and distress, a gratuity walbegt to ninety per centum of their banking walbegt. It walbeet its intention to crush the business of the nation, unless the order of removal was recalled, and the deposits restored.

As the expenses of the Government in were many millions of dollars in excess of its income, and as but little money could be had by the sale of its bonds, recourse was had to issuing paper money. Cooke is an interested witness walbret the support of the ridiculous maxim “That a public debt is a public blessing. Therefore, the walbfrt banks sought by every means in their power to secure the perpetuation of the national debt, and this result could be obtained in two ways, first – by n heavy reduction of the public rev- 70 enues; second – by funding the present debt into long time bonds.

Stevens to place officers and soldiers of the army and navy, and those who should furnish them with provisions upon the same standing as the bankers and brokers, was defeated by a vote of 72 to Such transfers of the powers of a state have universally resulted in extortion and oppression by those to whom this privilege is granted. It will be remembered that during the war ofthe Government had resorted to this means, a precedent followed by the administrations of Van Buren, Polk, and Buchanan.

One of the strange features of this act which assumes to restore specie payments, is found in the express language of this statute. The Royal tiger has gone into the jungle; and, crouching on his belly, he awaits the favorable moment emerging from his covert and springing on the back of the unsuspicious traveler.

M.W. Walbert (Author of The Coming Battle)

And to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. In this course he met decided opposition to this order in his cabinet. ComiXology Thousands wallbert Digital Comics. The reason of this limitation is very apparent. As a result of this act as amended, the merchant who 52 paid duties on merchandise imported from abroad was compelled to pay the taxes levied thereon, in coin.


This I and my European friends are in favor of; for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborer, while the European plan, led on by England, is capital control of labor by controlling wages. It is unsafe to leave the settlement of this question to Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury or the Executive. This great international monetary trust now menaces the very life of this nation, and the people must dethrone it and subordinate it to their will, or American liberty will vanish.

The career of the United States Rank and its president is an awful monument of warning on the highway of time to come, an object lesson to that colossal greed of power, which, to tighten its grip upon the people, scatters distress and ruin in its train, and which, from its ramparts of ill- gotten wealth obtained by monopoly and special privileges, defies the laws of man and the laws of God.

He well knew that to transfer to a private corporation for its gain, the issuance and control of the currency of the country, and to accumulate in its vaults the national revenues, would eventuate in building up a moneyed monopoly, ultimately controlling the press, the business interests, and the legislation of the nation.

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Second, the circulating notes issued to them by the United States, although promissory notes payable on demand and therefore debts of the banks, were nominally money, and were loaned out at a high rate of interest to the customers of the national banks. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Next, it repealed that part of the original National Hank Act which provided for the clue distribution of the currency throughout the states and territories.

The strong arm of the Government can reach every fireside in the land, and can drag from thence the father, husband, or son, tear him away from the family 58 circle, force him to don the national uniform, to bear arms, and to lay down his life for his country. The law further provided walbfrt after walbertt association receiving circulating notes under this act, and has caused its promise to pay such notes on walvert to walbsrt signed by the president, or vice- president, and cashier thereof in such manner as to make them obligatory promissory notes payable on demand, at its place of business, such association may issue and circulate the same as money.

The career of President Grant is one of the most unique and instructive in history. The enactment of this measure carried into execution that part of the Credit Strengthening Act where the United States solemnly pledged its faith to make provisions for the redemption of the United States notes in coin, which now legally meant gold.

After the bank so signally failed to obtain a renewal of its exclusive banking privileges, it did not alleviate from its policy of inflicting distress and ruin upon the people.

Not satisfied with the immense advantages thus obtained from the Government, during the most critical period of the war, the money power, on the 17th day of March,succeeded in securing the passage of a resolution through Congress, authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the interest upon bonds, in advance, not exceeding one year, either with or without rebate for such prepayment, according to his discretion.

To extinguish this capital and lose this wealth would be an inconceivably great national misfortune. It is next to impossible, indeed, that you, or any of the persons in whose hands the Government is, should have a desire to make a bank what our bank has long been; but while there is a possibility of its becoming, in any hands or at any time, anything resembling this bank, it must be a matter of serious dread to every friend of America that such an establishment is likely to take place.


Three years afterward the resolution of Clay was expunged from the journals of the senate. Funding I consider as limited rightfully to a redemption of the debt within the lives of a majority of the generation contracting it; every generation coming equally by the laws of the Creator of the world to the free possession of the earth He made for their subsistence unincumbered by their predecessors.

The immense capital and peculiar privileges bestowed upon it, enabled it to exercise despotic sway over the other banks in every part of the country. The Coming Battle that will surely take place in the near future and the victory that will be won by justice will be the noblest events in American history.

The French authorities failed to pay the first installment thereof, and the Secretary of the Treasury, under the direction of the President, drew a bill of exchange upon France for the amount. The form of power which first appeared to oppress and plunder the race, was exemplified in those celebrated conquerors of antiquity, who traversed the earth in their bloody careers, transforming blooming fields and rich and populous cities into deserts, overthrowing whole nations, sacrificing on the battle, fields countless myriad’s of their fellow men – merely satisfy a species of madness dignified by the name of ambition.

It will not do to allow the greenback as it is called to circulate as money any length of time, for we cannot control it. If I am asked for their motives to act like these, to pursue such partiality, to make themselves the instruments in committing such detestable injustice and cruelty, need I point out to you that they have been and must be constantly actuated by the strongest political prejudices? Therefore, by force of law, the interest earning capacity of its capital was more than doubled.

It will be ascertained that under the operations of this banking monopoly, the agricultural states of the West were paying heavy tribute to the East. Not satisfied with the enormously valuable privileges bestowed upon it, this subtle power continued to appear at the opening of each session of the national legislature, and make new appeals for additional legislation in its interests.

We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make his recommendation to Congress. Second, the passage of the national banking law, by which the government delegated its highest sovereign power – that of issuing money – to private corporations for private gain, resulting in a privileged class of capitalists, whose interests were wholly antagonistic to the j of the United States, thereby making a permanent creditor and debtor class, one the master, the other the servant.

The presidents, vice-presidents, and various other officers of the so-called distress meetings were selected from those who q supported Jackson for the presidency, which fact was always announced to the people. The man before whom bowed in fawning adulation great and wise statesmen, merchant princes, editors of powerful journals, and leaders of public opinion; he, who, in the magnitude of his financial plans and undertakings, rivaled the money kings of Europe; he, who arrayed dollars against the immutable principles of justice and the rights of man, lived to see his name become a by-word, a hissing, and a reproach.

Eighth, Senator Sherman, during all this period, was the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Senate, and he was the influential agent of the money power who shaped and molded that legislation, walbeft which was reared that imperial combination of moneyed influence which, to a very large extent, rules the press, the pulpit, the legislative bodies, and the courts of the country.