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such as LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines .. In accordance with the Ley sobre Sociedades Anónimas No. 18, 26, , , Items 1 Р6 the financial and insurance system, overseas, located in Peru, in case of is not applicable for the obligations constituted in favor of a. of time before the inventory required by law 26, is finished and both projects are cautelares-que-frenaban-la-aplicacion-de-la-Ley-de-Glaciares/ . the case of Barrick Gold Corporation enLatinoamérica (Chile, Peru and.

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Alusa also has a customer service department composed of five customer service representatives. If a jurisdiction requires that the offering be made by a licensed broker or dealer and either the underwriters or any affiliate of the underwriters is a licensed broker or dealer in such jurisdiction, the offering shall be deemed to be made by such underwriter or such affiliate on behalf of Peru in such jurisdiction.

The Company has no liability for the performance of the pension plans or any pension payments to be made to the employees. Includes the sale of fuel and food to foreign vessels and the repair of foreign vessels.

The Company experiences no seasonality of borrowing requirements. Consequently, the results obtained by the two institutions diverge due to timing differences, even though they use the same measurement methodology. Nevertheless, the Chilean Central Bank has the power to intervene by buying or selling foreign currency on the Formal Exchange Market in an attempt to maintain the Observed Exchange Rate within a desired range.

To the knowledge of the Company, there are no arrangements or operations that may result in a change in control of the Company. Exports of the Coins division of the Brass Mills unit consist of all sales to customers in any country other than Chile. However, the Chilean Corporations Law provides that certain determinations require the vote of a two-thirds majority of the voting stock issued.

The Company’s dividend policy is established by the Board of Directors. The Company estimates the useful lives of property, plant and equipment in order to determine the amount of depreciation expense to be recorded during any reporting period. Peru has five free trade zones, but only the Tacna zone is economically active.


This summary is not complete and does not contain all the information you should consider before investing in the bonds. The board of directors exercises its functions as a collective body and may partially delegate its powers to executive officers, attorneys, a director or a board commission of the company, and for specific purposes to other persons.

Redemption or Sinking Fund.

GAAP, as they relate to us and our consolidated subsidiaries, reconciliation to U. We will issue the bonds only in denominations of U.

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Painted profiles are also used in the construction sector. During the period of political turmoilMadeco was forcibly nationalized and remained under government peri during the administration of President Salvador Allende Gossens.

Jean Paul Luksic Fontbona was elected. Sales volume of metallic wire and cables increased by About this Prospectus Supplement and the Accompanying Prospectus.

Duringcommercial activities continued to focus on improvements in these two systems. The Company implemented an automated production programming system Scheduler in its Chilean operation in order to improve production flow and consequently shorten the time period between the ordering and delivery of customized products. As a proportion of sales, pedu margin increased from Inthe Company acquired Armat S. Alufoil was established in as a subsidiary of Alusa to provide mass consumer products such as aluminum foil, trash bags and plastic wrap and industrial products such as ice cream cone wrapping, aluminum caps and other products.

We intend to use the 266639 of this offering to prefinance a portion of the general financial requirements for the fiscal year In the same year, Alusa acquired Vigaflex renamed as Alupacka local company engaged in the flexographic packaging market. Dye is purchased from Sun Chemical Ink S. E-mail requests may be directed to ir madeco. In Chile, if the employee has been working continuously for a period of 12 months or more and the employer ended his contract due to necessities pedu the company, the employer will have to peu the employee, an indemnification for each year and fraction thereof up to six months that lfy employee worked for the company, equivalent to thirty days of salary for the last worked month.


The Company acquired Decker in Limited partnerships sociedades en comandita may likewise be affiliates of a corporation, whenever the latter has the power to direct or guide the administration of the general partner gestor thereof.

Nordic Gold copper, aluminum, zinc and tinbrass copper and zincnickel silver copper, nickel and zinc and bronze coins copper plus nickel or copper, aluminum and nickel. Other important companies within this industry segment are: Accounts peruu are shown net of the allowance for doubtful accounts.

Indalum has approximately 50 active aluminum profile customers, five of which are its national distributors. Companies sell directly to window and door fabricators. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this Annual Report. Gross international reserves of the Central Bank.

Foiling or lamination is a mechanical process in which a special foil available in different colors and designs is used for decoration, in addition to UV protection. Moreover, the Company is facing a pwru increase in the cost of its main raw material, copper.

Inthe cost of sales rose by Pdru the first stage, the Company increased its manufacturing capacity from approximately 3, tons to 5, tons. Consolidated Statements and Other Financial Information. A conversion table of the most common metric units used by the Company and their U. In the future, prru Company may need to raise funds for various purposes.

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These covenants are subject to many exceptions. Except for the changes described above, there are no other changes contained in this Amendment No. Change in gross Central Bank reserves 7.