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I’ve made the poor judgement decision of reading through Kagetsu How can one not enjoy a flowchart as magnificent as Kagetsu Tohyas?. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF. Description. Download Kagetsu Tohya Flowchart – PDF Free in pdf format. Seriously, the flowchart for this thing is fucking absurd. It’s a monster. OP, you . Fuck yes, the Kagetsu Tohya flowchart of death. Honestly back.

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Hisui fucking do it for the loli loev cake.

Kagetsu Tohya | From the Eyes of Rin

Hisui was the active, energetic one and Kohaku was the dreary look-through-the-window-like-Sakura one, since she was Makihisa’s servant and all. I don’t know why, but Flowchhart feel it’s the girl in the black coat. All the credit goes to him. Sometimes, your only option is to try randomly. I think I might have spent more time trying to figure out the flowchart than playing the game.

Fourth floor, first year classes.

/jp/ – Otaku Culture

Actually, most of the choices should be logical. If you get to an if event check the corresponding flag. Go out to eat for a change! Chin and moe lunch!


Say in the mansion. I’m on season 2 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as well.

No, this is no good! Hey, he’s come this far. Karoru Fri Aug 13 Extermination of the cat by the detached mansion.

Ten Nights of Dream – “Good luck, Ciel-sensei” unlocked. Radix Radix 10 years ago 2 http: Also CGs in the wrong order. Did I just hear something? But he’ll go to school as he should. Why do you think he asked us to read it? The second H-scene is pretty awesome though, and I guess the first one probably is too if flowcharg like footjobs.

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Shizou has the same voice actor as Battler in Umineko and Koizumi in Haruhi.

I like anime, do you like anime?

So far its been toohya episodic detective series but episode 2 was still pretty good nonetheless. Thanks to fucking SHIKI being an asshole under the school he started stabbing himself and gouging his own eyes, giving me headaches and the inability to move since I was dying spiritual or something as he tried flowhcart take me over.


And some other chapter I unlocked. Go to the last page to find your deal today! Mkilbride Mkilbride 10 years ago 3 Flowchart is not useless, it’s very easy to use. Go straight to the classroom.

fpowchart For you cheap bastards! This topic This board Entire forum Google News: Umm what’s the “global. All Posts OPs Only. Like a true Sakura. Anyway, I think I found where one of your old avatar was from Tellemurius. Take a look in her chest of drawers-nya?

Helping out the class. Leave empty for any flowcharg name. Advanced search Text to find Subject [? But man, this list is so screwed up.