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Description. Flavius Vegetius Renatus, the 4th century AD writer on military matters, was more well known during the Middle Ages than today. His “Epitoma Rei. Epitoma rei militaris. by Vegetius Renatus, Flavius; Reeve, Michael D. Publication date Language Latin; English. Book digitized by. De re militari (Latin “Concerning Military Matters”), also Epitoma rei militaris, is a treatise by the . Xii in the Royal Library, written and ornamented for Richard III of England, is a translation of Vegetius. It ends with a paragraph starting: “Here.

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He ought to be a careful and diligent officer, as the sole charge of forming the legion to regularity and obedience depended on englisn and the excellence of the soldiers redounded entirely to his own honor and credit.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. By Flavius Vegetius Renatus. In a temporary camp it should face the route by which the army is to march. He must be sure of their capacity and experience, that the whole army be not brought into danger by the errors of two or three persons.

Thus the legion is compact and perfect in all its parts and, without any foreign assistance, has always been superior to any force that could be brought against it. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Its impressions on our own traditions of discipline and organization are everywhere evident. The figure of the Minotaur was anciently among the legionary ensigns, signifying that this monster, according to the fable, was concealed in the most secret recesses and windings of the labyrinth, just as the designs of a general should always be impenetrable.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

Good feet versus height, small abdomen, good eyes, and a small buttocks, more bravery versus cautionary thinking, were some of the points made in this regard. Would it not be the greatest height of presumption to pretend to mention the art of war to the Lord and Master of the world and the Conqueror of all the barbarous nations, unless it were to describe his own actions? Go to rdi editions section to read or download ebooks. Proper intervals should always be kept between the baggage and the troops, that the latter may not be embarrassed for want of room in case of an attack during the march.

It was secure from any sudden attempt or surprise of an enemy by its expeditious method of entrenching its camp even in the open plains and it was always provided with troops and arms of every kind.


For, as the well trained soldier is eager for action, so does the untaught fear it. Army Unit types and ranks Decorations and punishments Legions. For it is activity, improved by continual practice, which forms the useful and good soldier.

They ranged the baggage, therefore, in the same manner as the regular troops under gei ensigns.

The new levies also should be taught by the masters at arms the system of drill called armatura, as it is still partly kept up among us. If the earth is held strongly together by the roots of the grass, they are cut in the form of a brick a foot and one half high, a foot broad and a foot and one half long.

De re militari – Wikipedia

A troop consists of thirty-two men and is commanded by a Decurion. For in a camp, well chosen and entrenched, the troops both day and night lie secure within their works, even though in view of the enemy. Besides in the attitude of striking, it is impossible to avoid exposing the right arm and side; but on the other hand, the body is covered while a thrust is given, and the adversary receives the point before he sees the sword. But when necessity requires it, the height of a man is not to be regarded so much as his strength; and for this we have the authority of Homer, who tells us that the deficiency of stature in Tydeus was amply compensated by his vigor and courage.

And that the workmen may not be suddenly interrupted by the enemy, all the cavalry and that part of the infantry exempted by the privilege of their rank from working, remain in order of battle before the entrenchment to be ready to repel any assault. Dankfried Schenk published an interesting article in Klio inwhich gives Vegetius the highest place among the writers of his time.

This can only be effected by the terror of our arms. Thus the ten centuries of the first cohort were commanded by five Ordinarii, who by the ancient establishment enjoyed great honors and emoluments that were annexed to this rank in order englisj inspire the soldiers of the legions with emulation to attain such ample and considerable rewards.

Militatis chief ensign of the whole legion is the eagle and is carried by the eagle-bearer.

He must first be tried if fit for service; whether he has sufficient activity and strength; if he has capacity to learn his duty; and whether he has the proper degree of military courage.


These messes were also called Maniples from their constant custom of fighting together in the same company or division. Last edited by Anand Chitipothu. And sometimes they unavoidably will be distressed for want of water.

Full text of “The Military Institutions Of The Romans [De Re Militari].pdf (PDFy mirror)”

See all 4 reviews. II, Berlin,epitkma brief, is very acute. On him the chief command devolved in the absence of the lieutenant. The exercise of the loaded javelins, called martiobarbuli, must not be omitted. In the rear of these two lines were the ferentarii, light infantry and the troops armed with shields, loaded javelins, swords and common missile weapons, much in the same manner as our modern soldiers.

They should have corn, wine, vinegar, and even salt, in plenty at all times. In short, a soldier who has proper confidence in his own skill and strength, entertains no thought of mutiny. These messes were also called Maniples from their constant custom of fighting together in the same company or division.

Epitoma rei militaris

No one, I imagine, can doubt that the peasants are the most fit epigoma carry arms for they from their infancy have been exposed to all kinds of weather and have been brought up to the hardest labor. The Roman Soldier’s Unofficial Manual. Nor will they find this troublesome when inured to it by custom, which makes everything easy. The utility of good archers in engliah is evidently demonstrated by Cato in his treatise on military discipline. Another cause of the weakness of our legions is that in them the soldiers find the duty hard, the arms heavy, the rewards distant and the discipline severe.

Its bulk makes it slow and unwieldy in its motions; and as it is obliged to march in columns of great length, it is exposed to the risk of being continually harassed and insulted by inconsiderable parties of the enemy. I first heard of this book in my University rpitoma copy Nr.

The common element of all the names are the two cases of res militaris nominative case: They even had a body of miners who, by working under ground and piercing the foundations of walls, according to the practice of the Beffi, penetrated into the body of a place.